The Project

This visionary project seamlessly integrates two of the city’s most historic structures to form one vital community hub. Bridging the past and the future, this reimagined space will improve accessibility, support literacy and learning, and revitalize community connection.

  • Recover and restore more than 3,400 square feet of library space to the community as a new children’s and family area that incorporates STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning support and provides multipurpose group space
  • Offer nearly 800 square feet of distinctive, flexible community meeting and event space in a cherished historic setting at the Haldeman Haly House
  • Creatively expand first-floor library space for the community partnerships being developed as part of The Library’s growing role as a second responder
  • Replace outdated ADA access to The Library with two ADA-accessible entry points, and make the Haldeman Haly House ADA-accessible
  • Reconfigure library space and flow to support flexible use and minimize the spread of illness in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Community Safety Measures

Central Access and Control

The current library structure, built for a post-Civil War-era, has multiple entrances. The street-level entrance will become the main entry point, maintaining the upper door as a ceremonial entrance for special events. With all users entering through a single point of access, library staff can effectively monitor who enters, how many persons enter, and where they are utilizing materials in the building. It will also facilitate the easier pick-up and drop-off of materials, shortening the time patrons may need to be in the facility.

Dedicated Entry Level Children's Area

The children’s area will be located through glass doors directly opposite the new circulation desk, allowing control over access and separating, by age, the most vulnerable constituency of The Library. The need to give children a space of their own, reached directly from the main lobby and separating their activities from the adult population, cannot be over-emphasized. Additionally, children will have their own bathrooms in this space, further increasing convenience and security.

Increased Service Area for Adult Patrons

Relocating most of the offices and meeting rooms to the Haldeman Haly House, and moving the circulation/workroom/children’s area to the lower level, the adult service area will also vastly increase. While access to print and electronic materials will continue, there will be significantly more space for other valued library functions: computer usage, reading, and studying. The reconfiguration will benefit The library post-COVID 19, providing better spacing of patrons, better organization and oversight of activities, and easier cleaning and maintenance.

Modern Materials and Furniture

With a large children’s area and a refurbished and reorganized adult service area, The Library will house more modern furnishings that are easier to disinfect and sanitize to comply with the strict guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and the state Department of Health.

Updated Mechanical Equipment and Plumbing

A new HVAC system in the Haldeman Haly House and the re-designed areas in The Library will include greater control of air exchanges and filtration. Designed for flexibility to allow energy savings during low-usage times, outside air circulation can be increased when required. Plumbing fixtures will be automatic, thereby reducing commonly “touched” surfaces. New bathroom fixtures will allow for easier cleaning and bacteria resistance.