Campaign Leadership Committee

Susan L. Anthony, Co-Chair
Andrew M. Enders, Esq.,
Marion C. Alexander
Nancy Custer
Harvey Freedenberg
Kathy Silks

Campaign Advisory Council

Jacquelyn Anderson
Janice Black
Ted Black
Beth Cornell
Thomas B. Darr
Carole DeSoto
Annie Garner
Bradley R. Jones

John D. Killian, Esq.
Stephen MacDonald/
     Mary Warner
Diane McNaughton
Mary L. Moyer
Tara Sheaffer
Lenwood Sloan
Jeb Stuart
David W. Volkman

Executive Director

Karen S. Cullings

Naming Opportunities

Join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in our community, creating a trusted space for generations to come.
Haly House

Haldeman Haly House

Building: $500,000

Community Room (First Floor): $200,000

Foyer and Oval Stair: $150,000

Conference Room (First Floor): Reserved
{Named by William H. and Marion C. Alexander}

McCormick Riverfront Library

Main Library (Upper Level): $300,000

Children’s Center (Lower Level): Reserved
{Named by S. Wilson & Grace M. Pollock Foundation}

Community Learning Center (Lower Level): $150,000
{Named by The Hershey Company}

T. Morris Chester Welcome Center: $150,000
(Lower Level)

Information Hub: $100,000

Display Case: $35,000

Children’s Story Circle: $25,000

Children’s Office: $10,000
{Named by Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Inc.}

Proscenium: $10,000

Connected Access

Connected Access 

Stair Tower: Reserved
{Named by Carole DeSoto}

Elevator: $150,000

Main Library – Upper Level

Young Adult Hub: $100,000

Business Center: $75,000
{Named by M&T Bank}

Covered Cup Café: $50,000

Your Living Room: $50,000
{Named by UPMC Pinnacle Foundation}

Help Desk: $25,000
{Named by David W. Volkman}

Conference Room: Reserved
{Named by RSR Realtors & Rothman Family Foundation}

Office: $10,000

Semi-private Workstation (a): $10,000
{Named by Mary Warner and Stephen MacDonald}

Semi-private Workstation (b): $10,000

Updated October 13, 2021

We make every attempt to keep this list accurate and complete. But we’re human—if you note an error or omission, please contact us at (717) 234-4976. Thank you!