Zoom Meeting May 16, 2022

 updated May 24, 2022

OPTION #1 Flying Books:


Q: Do the books in option #1 have dimension or are they flat? 

A: They are flat.  The lines would be engraved onto them to suggest pages/movement. If they are done in acrylic, there may be some depth, ½ or ¾ inches.

Q: Are the letters in the glass option etched or painted?  

A: Etched


OPTION #2 River Glass


Q: Is there light behind the glass on that option?

A: We can work with the architect to get appropriate lighting. We need to be cautious that light doesn’t make the etching hard to read.


Q: Will the glass option have protection?

A: The installation will be sitting on a track in a recessed wall area, fairly protected.  We will also put stops in metal frame so glass plates can’t be removed.


Q: Would an ultraviolet coating on glass to maintain color?


A: We will connect with the glass supplier to ask this. Colors are libraries brand: purple, yellow, blue, teal,  red, and campaign orange.  Not all brand colors were available in glass.




Q: What are pin letters?

A: Metal letters that stand off wall because they are installed with pins. These would be used to designate main areas of the library when possible and appropriate but aren’t part of the donor recognition wall installation.


Q: How high are display cases?

A: About 3 feet high, base heights vary.


Q: What is the width of walkway?

A: Plinth to wall approximately 4 feet.


Q: Can we make sure sight lines are clear, so cases aren’t blocking view of donor wall and vice versa?

A: Yes, we can work to make sure it flows and doesn’t impede sight lines.


Q: What do display case corners look like? 

A: Not framed, clear.


Q: Are the vendors already chosen and can we consider MWBE? 

A: Vendors are not final, local business were approached for initial cost estimates, we can request proposals from MWDBE firms.  


Q: Can we consider recommended maintenance as it relates to oil, fading and light for all options? Does the glass need special cleaner?  Can glass be replaced?  May want a 1–5-year general maintenance plan.

A: Yes, we will determine this and put together a maintenance plan.


Q: What is the deadline for the survey?

A: May 26th.


Questions added on 5/24/22

Q: Did the professionals designers know the sight? With a river and the green river front. We don’t live at the ocean but on along a river with rocks and coal. Red, blue and stark colors do not appear to enhance the wall? Nor how will the colors pop without a window?

A: Yes, the designers are aware of the location. The colors were chosen to correspond with The Library’s branding, which is designed to be vibrant and inviting. We would work with the architect to get lighting behind the wall if this is the chosen design.


Q: Today, libraries are filled with access to the Internet, videos, CD, the Cloud, and books. Are plastic book images the message we want to establish for years to come.

A: It’s true that The Library offers more than books. But as our rebranding revealed, books remain an iconic image that evokes concepts core to The Library’s mission:  equal access to opportunity for personal growth and education, preservation and sharing of important ideas, understanding broad social issues, participation in community and civic life, escape to other worlds, and understanding different lives. The books would not all be acrylic, but a mix of materials.


Q: How will these donors and other new donors feel about the honor of being along a ramp where children and seniors and those with physical handicaps will walk or ride? Maybe the best solution is the least expensive acrylic plaques or panels that can be moved up or enhanced with more funding. Maybe we should look to the history of the building and architectural design to enhance the area and find a better space to honor donors.

A: Because the focus of this project and The Library’s strategic plan is equity and inclusion, the site was chosen with care to be certain that all visitors to The Library could view and enjoy the donor wall, regardless of age or mobility. Because the project has been so widely supported, there are no other areas of the project with sufficient space that also offer this much visibility and accessibility. The wall will be augmented with additional donor recognition in named areas.  The ramp and display case are main features of the entryway and thus a premium location.