Penn National Insurance

The historical ties between Dauphin County Library System and Penn National Insurance run deep. Both are revered, century-old institutions that have grown and changed to meet the community’s needs. Both are committed to downtown Harrisburg and have served as catalysts for development.

Penn National Insurance officials have long served on The Library’s board of trustees, providing guidance and expertise that keeps The Library on a sound footing for future generations. Today, the board’s treasurer is Penn National Insurance’s Senior Vice President, CFO, and Treasurer Jacquelyn Anderson.

Anderson facilitated a donation that helped The Library fully express its vision for the McCormick Riverfront Library-Haldeman Haly House expansion. Penn National Insurance’s recent gift of 5,000 square feet to house The Library’s new printing press frees space in the expansion project to create a children’s area devoted to STREAM learning (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math).

“I fully understand how important The Library is, especially to our underserved communities and providing them access to resources,” Anderson said.

Why does Penn National Insurance choose to support The Library?

Our company’s mission aligns well with The Library’s mission. Penn National Insurance helps people feel secure and makes life better when bad things happen. The Library builds strong reading skills throughout Dauphin County, which helps build a local workforce that can feel secure in its ability to succeed on the job. The Library certainly helps in making life better when bad things happen. It can help to improve job-hunting skills, connection to health and human services, and a wide variety of community-building resources.

How have you seen The Library target services toward underserved communities?

It’s frequently discussed at board meetings, and it’s a passion of Executive Director Karen Cullings that we are there to serve the communities where the libraries are located. Working downtown and near McCormick Riverfront Library, I see the frequent activity and the members entering and exiting. Even the city’s homeless population frequents The Library. Those that may not be as blessed as we are from an economic standpoint use The Library as a resource to access computers and get the help they need in applying for jobs and assistance. It’s a staple in the community.

What inspired Penn National Insurance to donate space for the printer? 

It was a no-brainer. We realized that freeing that space will allow The Library to expand its children’s area and expand its overall ability to serve the community. It’s something we didn’t hesitate to do.

What will you think when you see the children’s area that Penn National Insurance helped make possible?

We will be elated and proud that we could help The Library meet its mission and goal.