M&T Business Center at McCormick Riverfront Library

The partnership of M&T Bank and Dauphin County Library System stands on a decade-long history of trust and mutual values.

In this partnership, M&T Bank provides more than financial resources. As a leading community bank, M&T extends expertise, guidance, financial literacy programming, and support that bolsters The Library’s mission to build and connect communities.

Now, M&T Bank has committed to supporting The Library as it redevelops and reimagines its McCormick Riverfront Library and the connecting Haldeman Haly House. M&T Bank’s $75,000 pledge toward the capital campaign represents a substantial commitment toward the expansion of The Library’s downtown spaces and an enriched array of services.

The McCormick Riverfront Library’s new resource center for entrepreneurship and innovation is slated to be named the M&T Business Center. It’s a name that’s synonymous with how the bank invests in the vitality of Harrisburg, Dauphin County, and the overall region.

As M&T Regional President Nora Habig noted in a talk with First2Know, the bank’s support for the project and its partnership with The Library will benefit the entire Dauphin County community.

Why is M&T Bank donating generously to the “Your Place to Belong” capital campaign?

From the moment we saw the Haldeman Haly House and its potential, we knew we would be proud to be a partner in this project. It’s going to be a wonderful space that every person can embrace. No matter who you are, you’ll be able to go in there and find something that is just for you.

We had conversations with The Library leadership to discuss the benefits of the state’s Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits, a program that incentivizes donations on behalf of community revitalization and conservation, for a win-win for donors and recipients.

The Library is utilizing these tax credits to support this project, and M&T Bank has provided a commitment of $75,000 to the project.

Why does a bank need a vibrant library system?

M&T Bank is a true community bank, meaning that decisions impacting our region are made by employees who work within this region. The reality is that if our community is healthy, then the bank is able to build equally healthy relationships. As a leader in this region, M&T Bank firmly believes in stepping up to show support for the gems in our community, and The Library is one of them.

What does M&T Bank’s support signal to other community institutions?

We hope our leadership sets the tone not just for other financial institutions but for everyone doing business in Dauphin County, because we all benefit from The Library.

What are those benefits?

First of all, COVID changed everything for everybody. When people were shut off from schools, work, and society, The Library stayed true to its mission as a connector. Now that The Library’s doors are open, we need it more than ever. Children need access to the internet and help with their schooling. People need help finding jobs.

As we seek the paths to justice and equity, the Dauphin County Library System tells our history and creates safe spaces for constructive dialog. Libraries are the safe haven. It’s incumbent on all of us to support something that is there for all of us.

What do you see in the future of this partnership?

I see significant growth. Our partnership will continue flourishing in ways beyond financial services and charitable donations. A perfect example is the Commonwealth Monument project. M&T supported that successful effort with a $10,000 grant, and the group behind it is doing a tremendous job spotlighting the contributions made to Harrisburg and national history by the activists, journalists, and educators of Harrisburg’s Old 8th Ward.

Now, because of The Library, our money supports more than bronze statues. Our contribution lives on as The Library uses the monument as an opportunity to tell the story of these pioneers in dynamic fashion. Through The Library, we understand the contributions they made that still shape our world today.

How does the Library-M&T Bank partnership build community?

By working together, we each become more powerful. M&T Bank has excellent financial literacy education programs and products that help people achieve financial independence. It’s wonderful that we have The Library as an outlet for presenting those programs and sharing that knowledge, which helps more people in our community become self-sufficient.

The fact that The Library uses its presence to help people gather and achieve their goals empowers M&T Bank and every leader in the community to make connections and continue to help Dauphin County grow.